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Beauty & The BRKs

The BRKS, well known and beloved as one of the most scenic, culturally enriched destinations in Massachusetts, is a landscape where photographers are graced with an abundance of vistas to explore and capture. There are some standout talents who possess a unique vision and passion for their work, which brings us to the wondrous, vibrant imagery created by Sarah Dietz.

Sarah lives in the western Berkshires, where when she’s not working providing HR and social media support for her family’s veterinary business focuses on capturing the natural beauty of her home through photography. She finds the process of photographing her surrounds and subsequent editing to be both peaceful and meditative. Her toolkit for her striking images include using her iPhone XR coupled with interpretative artistry utilizing her editing prowess and working with Snapseed, Enlight Quickshot, and Photoshop Express.

Sarah has impressive academic credentials including an undergrad degree in psychology from Smith and a Masters in Public Administration from GWU. When she’s not framing another gorgeous shot for her devoted followers on IG, she loves spending time with animals, being outdoors, listening to audiobooks, podcasts and swimming in her local pool.

To enjoy more of her unique, immersive images, please visit her IG @dietz_treats_thatcant_be_beats

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